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Nisarg Desai

Luv Virmani, Advocate



• Paper published on ‘Protecting Non-Conventional Trademarks: Unwinding The Scope Of Colour, Smell And Sound Marks’ in World Journal of Juristic Polity, Volume 3 Number 2 (ISSN: 2394-5044)

• Paper published on ‘Inter-relation between Human Resources and Trade Secrets Protection in Absence of a Specific Trade Secret Legislation’ in International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues, Volume 3 Issue 6 (ISSN : 2454-1273).

Practice Areas
• Intellectual Property Law

Bar Admission
Gujarat, India

B.A; L.L.B. - (Intellectual Property Law Hons.),
Nirma University, 2017

Private International Law, Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi