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Practice Areas

  • Constitution Of India
  • Corporate Laws

    v  Companies Act, 1956

    v  Companies Act, 2013

    v  Sebi Act And Rules

    v  Mrtp Act, 1969

    v  Sica, 1974

    v  Fera, 1973

    v  Fema, 1999

    v  Central Excise And Custom Laws

  • Land Laws

    v  Bombay Land Revenue Code, 1879

    v  Agricultural Land Ceiling Act, 1960

    v  Tenancy And Agricultural Land Act, 1948

    v  Land Acquisition Act, 1894

  • Labour Laws

    v  Industrial Dispute Act, 1947

    v  Industrial Employment (Standing Orders Act, 1946)

    v  Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition Act, 1970)

    v  Employees Provident Fund And Miscelleous Provisions Act, 1952

    v  Employees State Insurance Act, 1948

    v  Factories Act, 1948

    v  Minimum Wages Act, 1948

    v  Payment Of Bonus Act, 1965

    v  Payment Of Gratuity Act, 1972

    v  Trade Unions Act, 1946

    v  Workman’s Compensation Act, 1923

    v  Bombay Industrial Relations Act, 1946

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    v  Patents Act, 1970

    v  Trade Marks Act, 1999

    v  Copyrights Act, 1957

    v  Designs Act, 2000

    v  Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999

    v  Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001

    v  Biological Diversity Act, 2002

    v  v Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Act, 2000

  • Cyber Laws

    v  Information Technology Act, 2000

    v  Cyber And E-Commerce Laws

  • Criminal Laws

    v  Indian Penal Code, 1860

    v  The Arms Act, 1959

    v  Drugs And Cosmetics Act, 1940

    v  The Drugs And Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement Act, 1954)

    v  The Drugs (Control) Act, 1950

    v  Fatal Accidents Act, 1855

    v  The National Security Act, 1980

    v  The Police Act

    v  The Prevention Of Blackmarketing And Maintenance Of Supplies Of Essential Commodities Act, 1980

    v  The Prevention Of Corruption Act, 1988

    v  The Prisons Act, 1894

    v  The Protection Of Human Rights Act, 1993

  • Merchant Shipping Laws

    v  Merchant Shipping Act, 1958

    v  Indian Ports Act, 1908

    v  The Major Port Trust Act, 1963

    v  Gujarat Maritime Board Act, 1981

    v  Marine Insurance Act, 1963

    v  Carraige Of Goods By Sea Act, 1924

    v  Indian Carraige Of Goods By Sea Act, 1925

    v  Multimodal Transportation Of Goods Act, 1993

    v  Maritime Zones Of India (Regulation Of Fishery By Foreign Vessels Act, 1981)

    v  Admirality Jurisdiction

  • General Laws

    v  Panchayat Act, 1961

    v  Indian Electricity Act, 1910

    v  Municipal Laws, 1963

    v  Town Planning Act, 1976

    v  Co-Operative Societies Act, 1961

    v  Mines And Minerals Act, 1957

    v  Petroleum Laws

    v  Banking Regulation Act, 1949

    v  Banking Laws

    v  Sale Of Goods Act, 1930

    v  Contract Act, 1872

    v  Transfer Of Property Act, 1882

    v  Water Pollution Laws

    v  Air Pollution Laws

    v  Forest Act

    v  Essential Commodities Act, 1955

    v  Personal Laws

    v  Motor Vehicles Act, 1939

    v  Law Of Torts

    v  Specific Relief Act, 1963

    v  Partnership Act, 1956

    v  Registration Act, 1908

    v  Indian Stamp Act, 1899

    v  Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

    v  Election Laws

    v  Bombay Rent Act, 1946

    v  Education Laws

    v  Recovery Of Debts Due To Banks And Financial Instituitions Act, 1993

    v  Arbitration And Conciliation Act